Thursday, July 1

Oh Canada

If you had been that fly on the wall in our home earlier on this lovely Canada Day (no humidity! I *heart* no humidity!) you would have seen a mapletastic and bacon laden pastoral scene of A Canadian Family.

The child on the balcony dressed quasi-appropriately for the unpredictable weather known as summer in Canada (fleece leggings because the wind is really frickin' cold, t-shirt because it IS July 1st after all, and a hat because that sun is blazing hot), the husband with beers following free-agent day, and the wife scouring YouTube for Littlest Hobo, Beachcomber, Degrassi, Mighty Hercules, Rocket Robin Hood images and videos, not to mention getting nostalgic over Heritage Moments, and tearing up over Tom Brokaw's video on Canada from Vancouver 2010.

No denying we are Canadian.

Happy Canada everyone and I'd like to know: Am I the only one who cries during beer commercials? Seriously folks, this one gets me teary every time because apparently I'm a patriotic freak.


Kyla said...

Happy Canada Day!

Gilsner said...

ha ha... glad I'm not the only one to use this tear-jerking commercial in their Canada Day post!