Tuesday, February 23

Going for Gold Tiaras

Oh look! This is what my baby looked like during the 2006 Winter Olympics:

Future Skating Champ? Yeah right Nana (who sent her that onesie) way to set the bar high. Kid couldn't even sit up at the time. Babies are so lazy. Two seconds after I snapped this photo she was laying down again. *rolls eyes*


I'd show you a picture of what she looks like during the 2010 Winter Olympics in her Olympic themed gear but she won't wear the outfit long enough for me to snap something. Seriously: what is it with four year olds and their incredibly relaxed stance on public nudity? Heathens, all of them. Also: feral with finesse. That's how I describe my four year old after a tantrum.

Soooooooooo what's new with you?

Uh hun. Yup. Oh my goodness! How frustrating. If I was you, I'd blame Bob Marshall because he deserves it.

See how I just assumed your life was filled with frustrations? That's because most of you are parents. Parenting = Frustration 93.4% of the time during the winter months with a significant decrease in percentage during summer months due to increases in serotonin levels from natural vitamin D absorption. For the record: I conduct a ton of questionable research from my quasi-lab slash glittermobile unit and I stand by NONE OF IT. Yet I share it with everyone. Go figure.

Anyway. Enough about me and my research. Let's talk about you. So what do you think of my research?

Oh really? That's what you want to know? You want to know what a glittermobile is? (work with me people, this is how I make segues) It's a term I lifted from TwoBusy and refers to the device I will be employing this weekend as Catherine and I embark on yet another insane roadtrip. This time we are packing the kids up and leaving the husbands in the dust as we make our way from Toronto to Orlando for the Tiarathon (read more details via that link). We are doing it to raise awareness about Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and Catherine's mission to do 100 miles For Tanner (see the cute roadsign on my sidebar?)

So. We obviously are insane and have issues but that isn't really anything shockingly new or even innovative for that matter. Bloggers = Insane 100% of the time.

Does that answer your question about the glittermobile? I hope so.

Anyway. Next week I'll be writing from the road and trying to establish exactly why I abuse the word 'anyway' so much. Motherbumper out.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- have a great time!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

PS I just sat here way too long trying to figure out when you had a baby in the last 6 months. Then it sunk in you said *2006* Olympics.


Melissa said...

Road-trip! Sounds like an adventure for sure :) I'll be horribly disappointed if there aren't copious pictures of tiaras, and possibly ball gowns, on your person!

mapsgirl said...

Good luck! Have fun (like you wouldn't if I didn't say anything)!