Tuesday, February 9

The Evolution of Her Happy Face

The potato people of my daughter's artistic days of yore are experiencing an evolution baby.

The eyelashes on her heart people are making me swoon. 

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lildb said...

dude, seriously, is there a thing under the sun better than drawings (am hearing Mike Myers/Simon's "drawerings" as i write) issued from the hands of our crazy-wild-awesome-megalomaniac children?

no. no, there isn't.

and i love her proclivity for glitter lashes.

proclivity sounds dirty, huh. sorry. (but not *that* sorry.)

Heather said...

I love spider eyelashes.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! found you via Aiming Low! I am really looking forward to the days when I can figure out what my tot is drawing. I love the eyelashes too!

Kyla said...

So cute!!

ShellSpann said...

I love it!! :)