Tuesday, December 30

warped flashbacks with soundtrack

Okay, so I'm sitting in bed right now and listening if I were a Carpenter which is like having a warped flashback with soundtrack.

The Carpenters Greatest Hits was one of the first eight-track Santa brought us way back in the seventies - the same year he left a groovy black and chrome eight-track player under the tree.  How my family loved The Carpenters.  Because of Karen, I always wanted to play the drums.  Instead I just dated drummers.  That little tidbit says something right there, folks - mark my between the lines word.

Yet it's not the Carpenters I'm listening to - it's Red Kross covering Yesterday Once More and Red Kross doesn't take me to the 70s.  Red Kross is early nineties and I'm perma-drink in hand party girl thumping in the front row while the McDonald brothers grab my fancy with Jimmy´s Fantasy. Holy crow, what I can actually remember of those times was mostly insane and totally unsuitable for this blog. And I had totally forgotten until just this moment, that it was Jason Lee in the video for that song.  Back then, he was no Earl, he was Airwalks and Stereo.

So yes, innocent childhood memories warped by a murky blackmail-ladened period.  Ain't life grand?

Anyhow, listening to this old stuff, regardless of the era it makes all shiny and perfect looking, is making me all cliché and forcing me to reflect on the past year.  What a coincidence that this is the end of the year.  Or maybe it's no coincidence that I'm doing all this reflecting and shit, because I recently compiled a list of the favourite posts I wrote over at Savvy Source, for the last list day of 2008.  And now that I think about it, that post probably had more to do with the reflecting on the past year, at least more than the music presently cranked in my buds.

ANYHOW... 2008 was an incredibly interesting year.  I try to refrain from the use of adjectives good or bad because sometimes the bad is good when allowed to age, n'est pas?  Yes, tho' it is true that sometimes the bad stays just that: bad.  But the good, good sometimes springs forth from a turd.

Oh wait - now it's Elvis Costello Everyday I Write The Book and I'm happily mired in the eighties.  Oh hell, now I need some Squeeze.  Back in the days that accompanied that particular score, failed relationships seemed like the end of the world, males were the only mystery, and everything else was melodrama circled with black eyeliner.  Now it's all about keeping sanity while pursuing the unattainable dewiness of youth.  Oh how things have changed.

Shuffle has taken me to Buffalo Tom Taillights Fade. Now there is a hungover roadtrip background.  Winding roads, salted wounds, razor blades, and unsuitable suitors - that's what that is.

Shuffle has made me her bitch: Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime. Oh please don't make 2009 same as it ever was.  Wait - that's not possible.  For some reason, I associate the Talking Heads with the first time I saw Eraserhead.  Now there's a cinematic cherry popping experience - perhaps that explains the evolution of my movie snobbery.  Woah, did you miss that tangent because I never saw it coming - that was a total blindside that made no sense.

So you know how the sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger?  I beg to differ.  iTimeTravel sometimes with clarity that hurts.  But that which did not kill me makes me stronger and go all Nietzsche on your ass.  Hey 2009, I [once again] proclaim to learn from my mistakes.  Word.

Care to join - what's your resolution(s)?  I'm writing a list of my other resolutions and probable failure rates for my next post.  My dentist will be proud - I put flossing daily on this list.  Little does he know that the probable failure on that one is 97%.


petite gourmand said...

Gotta love the music memory triggers...

Squeeze always reminds me of taking the city bus to summer school and sooo not wanting to be there and instead be making out with some guy named Andrew or was it Mike?
Talking heads reminds me of the Zipper ride at the fair, Jack Daniel's & a guy named Chris, or was it Jay?
anywoo- I think you & I would of really hit it off back then. (and probably gotten into a bit of trouble no doubt)

Happy New Year MB. And thanks for making me laugh day after day in 2008.

Chag said...

If I Were A Carpenter is one of the best tribute albums ever. I could listen to that all day. Babes In Toyland's Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft is my favorite track.

I've decided instead of writing resolutions this year, I'm going to write a list of revolutions I'll be partaking in.

Here's to a great 2009 for you!

Vodka Mom said...

"Shuffle has made me her bitch." My NEW favorite line.


Mandy said...

Resolutions are only good if you think them in your head and don't write them down anywhere. 'Cause then you can't be held to them. Just sayin' and all.

Heather said...

Music definitely transports me to another time. Sometimes I can even smell things that happened while the song was playing...

catnip said...

How have I never heard of "If I Were a Carpenter"? Listening to the Carpenters greatest hits album was a favorite of mine in college. Funny, so was Squeeze! I think I might have to resolve to listen to more music this year.

Jana said...

Oh my hell. Hungover roadtrip, indeed. I'm gonna eat more cheese in '09.

Kyla said...

Smell and sound are pretty equal triggers for me.

2009? No goals. I must quote the wisdom of the epic movie Dodgeball and say, "I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you do not have one you are never disappointed. And I gotta tell you, it feels phenomenal!"

PS: Evidently I'm so used to writing text links that I automatically put a > after that last quotation mark.

Anonymous said...

Music always does a number one me. There are certain songs that I associate so closely with people or events it is almost scary.

I'm still working on my resolutions, but I think I'm going to post them tomorrow (maybe - try and be original should be on the list).

I hope 2009 is a great year for you.

TwoBusy said...

Mmm... Taillights Fade. Not only do I love the song, but your flickering, unhealthy memories of the same sound like a pretty good parallel to my experience.

Good times.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

The last time I Shuffled I was all like "Who put the Rod Stewart on my iPod??"

Totally was not me. Stop laughing.

Laura said...

I just made dental appts for the whole family!!! too funny

Whatever boy I liked growing up, I chose "his" music to listen to...Robert Fowler was The Police, Steve Gyiemse was 10,000 Maniacs, Brian something or another was Talking Heads, Noah was The Cult...
nice to reflect on that fact that I was a loser with no mind of my own!
Happy New Year!

kittenpie said...

I'm not sure I could shuffle, because punk and classical do not necessarily go together. Plus, I might land on some of Misterpie's cheesy Rush or something ear-bleeding like that. Eek!

And me, I'm all about things that will make the most of my time off, since it will be the last chunk of time off for a loooooong time. Things like going for walks and really enjoying the park and so on when the warmer weather comes. Like getting order into my house because I can't take the chaos for another five years. And things like getting on top of things so I can have my patience back and enjoy my children and myself again. Right now, It's just all getting me down. I know it will come.

April said...

why is the flossing thing so hard? i resolute to do it every year and every year it's a failure. bah.

Kelley said...

I agree, music totally takes me back. Can send me into a blithering mess or dancing like a banshee and moshing in my kitchen.

Now, I must go and put Once in a Lifetime on my pod.

Cause that song is all kinds of awesome.

My resolution? It is not G rated. Well technically it is but the wording is not. Clear as mud?

Totally adding you to my groaningly full feedreader, just on the strength of your music choices.

mrs. Imelda said...

Listening to the Carpenters makes me want to strangle someone (especially if it it played it a department store at Christmas time)!

Happy New Year MB!

mamatulip said...

My resolution for this year is to stop swearing so much. Seriously. Stop laughing.

musing said...

Okay, their eyes on that cover are scaring me.

jen said...

now i'm thinking about jesus.

thanks for that.