Thursday, November 6

this is how I roll

Yesterday I opened a flyer and saw the bedside lamps I had been eyeing last month had been marked down.  If that isn't a sign that they are meant to be mine, I don't know what one would be.  I mean, doesn't that mean it was meant to be?  Oh I know those lamps and I were meant to be together, because why else would I take the time to read a sale flyer from my favourite store?  Don't shatter my delusional thinking please.  My methods of rationalization keep me happy.

Now for something completely different, yet not completely unrelated, I have a new addiction.

I love buying in bulk.

When fulfilling my new addiction, I must always keep in mind that we live in a very small three room space.  Buying in bulk must be done with restraint and realism, but still: it's so much fun and it makes my cheap side just squeal like a school girl seeing Chuck Bass.  OMG why am I so into that show?  Holy cow, I just can't get enough.  But back to my other addiction.

I cannot get enough of getting something in bulk.  I swear it makes me all giggly when I score.  Sweet juju, I'm a warehouse shopping junkie.

Currently, I have a drum of peanut butter, a mega block of cheese, and fifteen pounds of butter in the fridge.

I create functional furniture out of crates of diapers, which sadly is coming to an end with this blasted potty training.  That drop of product from our shopping may possibly force us into finding real dressers.

And now I'm trying to build a new couch out of palettes of toilet paper but so far I've only made a foot stool.

But next time I make it to Costco, I'm totally finishing that project.  I'm thinking that I should reenforce the couch bottom with KD and paper towel.  Those longer rolls make for better support don'tcha think?

And this is the kind of stuff that you find in my brain.

And if you are interested in stuff that makes me laugh, head on over to Mrs. Chicky's and Oh The Joys to see the winners of the October ROLFs. My nomination almost made me electrocute myself while reading, that's how hard I cried.  Tears on the keyboard is dangerous stuff, but if asked to read it again, I would if only to hear the word Qbert just one more time.  Totally worth risking death.

Oct '08 ROFL


Whit said...

Have you ever tried to flush a footstool?

Heather said...

I don't necessarily buy in bulk but I do like to stock up. I need at least 2 extra mayonnaise jars in the pantry. Wouldn't want to run out you know.

Mary G said...

I have a cupboard in the laundry room where lives a ten year supply of liquid soap. Hearing you.
The lamps are kismet. Obviously. Get out the plastic money.

Shania said...

Great minds think alike! I, personally, will never, ever, run out of anything.

Mac and Cheese said...

Just don't store your bulk Ziplock bags with your bulk fabric softener, or in your case, build them together in a piece of furniture. I learned not to do this when my food started having a "winter breeze" flavour. I'm still trying to find non-food uses for those hundreds of bags.

daysgoby said...

A flat of canned tuna (or other canned goods) fits nicely under the bed and causes no storage problems that way.


Sandwich, anyone??

Assertagirl said...

Ahhh, Costco. 40 Christmas cards for $10.99. How do I love thee?

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who worshipped the bulk diaper box as the perfect organizing tool (organizing = throwing shit in a box to put it out of sight, in my house). Luckily our toilet training is going nowhere, so I got lots to come!

karenmeg1 said...

You weren't kidding were you ;).

I bought 56 hot dogs for 2 kids this summer...Costco is evil but I'm addicted.

Next time you need a fix you can camp out here... we have 2 Costcos within a 10 minute drive. We've go Sam's club close too but I have resisted. Very scary indeed.

Ali said...

buying in bulk makes my heart sing! oh, how i love costco! anything in bulk is sooo much better.

Brenna Flynn said...

Ha ha I have a silo of cappuccino in my cupboard that takes up a whole shelf!

Side note: I too am obsessed with Chuck Bass!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said... hubby often asks me if I'm building a fortress with all the crap I bring home in bulk. The diapers, though? I will be HAPPY to see them go!

No Mother Earth said...

Didn't I say you would LOVE Gossip Girl? (Now go read Playdate for my next TV reco. You, especially, will love it. I know.)

Corina said...

I need to buy in bulk more. Oh, the things I could build!

marsha said...

LOL!! I like buying in bulk too!!

Her Bad Mother said...

Costco playdate, baby.