Friday, September 19

shower and sleep - too things I desperately need

OK, so maybe I did manage to sneak a shower in yesterday but still, I could probably use another one today. But the shower I was actually alluding to in this post title, belongs to a baby shower - one for two beautiful people: Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored and Rebecca of Girl's Gone Child thrown by Catherine, Liz, Julie, and me. And you.

Kristen and Rebecca are both due in a few weeks and it seems to be high time for us to start reminiscing about those early days. The good times, the times you wish you could grab back again - say you had the chance. Why not reminisce and win prizes at the same time? Check out the full details over at the mo'baby shower blog headquarters, write a post sometime over the weekend.

I'll be posting my dreamy memories of Gigi's early days right here tomorrow instead of today. And not today because I've discovered that an old tooth-related injury my darling daredevil of a child incurred over the summer has come back to haunt her, which leaves me distracted.

So instead of remembering why I love to sniff newborn baby heads every chance I get, I'm being somewhat responsible and trying take care of Gigi's dental situation instead of just blogging about it.

Go on over to the mo' baby shower site, find all the details there and help us celebrate some of the newest babies to soon join the blogosphere.

AND - as for the "sleep" part of the post title:

I'm reviewing Sleep is for the Weak over at my other blog - what did I think? Read the post. BTW, I'm not trying to be ironic by talking about a baby shower themed around the good early day memories of parenthood while also reviewing a book about the insanity of the early days of parenthood. I'm just not that slick.


Did I mention all four of the prize baskets at the mo' baby shower contain a $100 gift certificate for Amazon in addition to some beautiful, cool stuff?

Undoubtedly I'm embarking on some peadiatric dental adventure. Odds are, that adventure will end up in a future post. I wonder if she shares my fear of dentists? Hope not for her sake.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Ooh. I like prizes. and showers.

Laura said...

Can I come to the shower? I will bring the cake.
And good luck with the dentist....we have had some serious BAD LUCK in that department. Which is just so crazy, because everything else in my life is so in order, and always going my way....

kittenpie said...

I think the dentist fear may be a learned thing... so don't pass it on, 'kay?


You're awesome. Thank you so much for throwing this extravaganza. Oh, and good luck with the (ahem) poop. (Solidarity, sister.)

Mekhismom said...

I am so sorry to hear about Gigi's tooth. I look forward to reading all about your newborn baby memories. I have already added my story to the mix.

Anonymous said...

Today, they're babies, tomorrow, they're six foot one with girlie pictures hidden in their rooms. You will not BELIEVE how fast it goes.