Wednesday, June 25

Warning: don't give your keys to just anyone

Chag at Cynical Dad was silly enough to lend me the keys to the bloghouse and trust me to keep the vagrants away and plants alive.

HA! I know, can you believe it? Dude is a friend though, so I'll try to keep an eye on any strangers I invite back for the quiet little kegger and rave I have planned for tonight.

So like I said, I'm over at Cynical Dad's today with a post that works on many metaphysical levels.

And by metaphysical, I mean it's a story from back in the day when I could drink a sailor under the table and make pretty boys blush. As opposed to these days when I make pretty boys hide under the table for fear of cougar attacks and make sailors blush with my potty mouth. And by many levels, I mean one story, two parties, and three fun girls.