Monday, June 23

cancel the Celine tickets

SB keeps ticking off Gigi by singing the Super Why song "Hip Hip Hooray, the super readers save the day" in a this total "lounge lizard trying to be Wayne Newton" voice. While it makes me laugh and debate throwing my panties at him, Gigi does not care for Vegas-style shows.

Who knew? We really do learn something new each day.

Hey, Gigi only just realized this past Sunday that I used to be a little girl.

The shock. The confusion. The questions. The repeatedly displays of scepticism were on a non-stop rotation.

Mommy used to be a little kid? Really? Are you sure?

I went to dig out photographic proof but found no hard copies.

Anyhow, it's been obvious that up until now, Gigi thought the sole purpose of my existence was to be a mom, more specifically her mommy.

When she first started talking, any time my own mother would say "your mommy is my baby" she'd scream like this was the greatest of insults, and how dare she try to make her mommy into her baby.

And her reaction to me backing up that statement and explaining that Nana was my mom - that incident actually registered on the Richter scale.

Well kid, by saying I'm only "your mommy" is just plain wrong.

Not only am I the parental unit in charge of your daily entertainment, I’m also your personal trainer responsible for blowing off steam, safety officer, research assistant on scientific (and usually messy) experiments, wingman, sidekick, whipping horse, sherpa, personal chef, doctor, entourage, encyclopaedia, ministry of transportation, and press agent.

Did I miss anything?

I've got to get some more photos of my childhood so I can score some street cred with the kid on the playground.

Right now, in her eyes, I've been an old curmudgeon since the get go and that just ain't gonna fly if I want to get invited to any of her tea parties.

I hear she knows Dora and the real reason her best friend is a monkey. Now that's some gossip I just gotta know.


SciFi Dad said...

my daughter has an idea about this fact, but I don't think she fully grasps it yet... she knows that her grandparents are our mommy and daddy, but I think the idea that we were once kids still escapes her.

daysgoby said...

Hey! Is the title of this post a reference to Celine 'Shaking It All Night Long'?

She looks more and more like you - were your (G, NOT Celine)baby pics similar?

And OH! Can we make the absence of baby pictures a driving reason to make Samuel BLOG???? (his street cred may need repairing!)

nomotherearth said...

Awesome. Loved this - especially the pix.

The Boy has trouble believing that HE was a baby. I don't even want to start with me...

Kyla said...

She'll get it. And then she'll start threatening you. This is what I get from BubTar, "If you tell me that again, I am CALLING YOUR MOTHER and she will ground you from Guitar Hero 2 and 3!" LOL.

mamatulip said...

The pics are WICKED. Seriously - she and Oliver NEED to get together.

Mayberry said...

That song IS kind of loungey.

Chag said...

I remember when my daughter came to the realization that my wife and I were once kids. I think it took a week for her to recover.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

I always want to use motherbumper in exchange for mothereffer. Am I alone here? For instance, that sweet list of things you wrote about in addition to being just a parent, I thought that was funny stuff. So I was nodding my head and actually muttered out loud:

"That's a sweet motherbumping list."

Is that how it's supposed to work or am I just profane?

kgirl said...

Relationships are sooo confusing to toddlers. Poor Bee tries so hard to keep the male/female thing straight (sorry, uncle karla) that suggesting that HER aunt is MY sister totally makes her head explode.

for a different kind of girl said...

(I have abolished all profanity from my life and now only use 'motherbumper' when I hit my thumb with a hammer or political pollsters come to my door. Or my kids won't go to bed. Whenever.)

My mom recently showed my oldest son a trio of photos of her, me and my son when we were all 8 month old babies. He's been through puberty classes in school and had the whole baby talk. He still looked at the photos and then at us, grinning at our shared likeness, as though we were aliens.

So then I was all "You've got to be kidding me? You don't see the resemblence? What kind of blind motherbumper are you?!"

kittenpie said...

We have pretty much hammered out the familial relations thing, but since everyone is always telling me how much she looks like me, I showed Pumpkinpie a picture of me at her age and asked her who it was. "ME!" Um, nope.

Mouse said...

Scooter has accepted the idea that his grandparents are our parents (and even who belongs to whom), though I'm not entirely sure what it looks like in his mind's eye.

What he currently howls about is the suggestion that he was once a little baby. I'll mime to him how small he was in my arms and laughs like I'm being utterly ridiculous.

Heather said...

Oh man those photos are great.

My daughter thinks it's hilarious when I talk about grandma being my mom. You'd think by almost 6 she'd be over it.

the mama bird diaries said...

I still have trouble imagining my mother as a little girl. It's a crazy concept.

Lisa b said...

ok these photos are so sweet I am unable to focus on the text.

crazymumma said...

It IS amazing that we existed before they came to us. Narcissitic little shits.

But sheesh they are cute.

Mandy said...

I'll trade you a Dora tea party for a few hours of train/truck/planes. You can take your pick. :)

Black Hockey Jesus said...

My wife didn't really threaten you.

I just like riffing on the word Motherbumping.