Tuesday, June 10


I have decided to take a few days off to catch up on my blog reading*.

I feel so out of touch, so behind on what's going on that my head spins each time I wade into my reader (that's right, I still haven't done the massive dump, run, and start from scratch).

There is a need for me to catch up, read, and enjoy/cry-over someone else's news and stories.

It's easy to be lazy lately.

It's hotter than a snakes ass these days. I'm convinced that there is a room somewhere in Ontario where a dude sits in front of two buttons - one marked HELL the other marked HOTH. Just when the Ontario population has resigned itself to mediocre temperatures, the appropriate switch is flipped and the province-wide complaining begins. Wonder how he got that job and why do I assume it's a man?

Last night the thunder storms lasted for hours and hours and hours. They continued into this morning and even though the sun is shining at this very moment, I suspect that if I tried to take Gigi to the playground, we would run the risk of being struck down by some freaky weather. Because all I really need in my life is to be struck by lightening. Mind you that would be worth a post or two. And it would probably fix my hair issues.

So our remedy to beat this heat is to build our own pool on the deck. OK, you got me, it's a pan from the dollar store but shhhhhhh don't tell Gigi, she thinks it's her own little slice of paradise.

Stay cool folks and talk to you soon.

Pass me a pina coloda woman!

* my theory is: if I try to take time off, a huge post will appear out of nowhere and write itself - it's murphy's law, right?


Black Hockey Jesus said...

If you can throw down an Empire reference like that, consider me your devoted reader. Good luck with the heat.

daysgoby said...

So THAT'S where all the thunderstorms are coming from!! Y'all do get the assiest weather down there.

She, on the other hand, is just.plain.cute.

Heather said...

We've been having thunderstorms too. Although the sun is actually shining right now. We should probably be outside.

Love the bucket of water. I don't think my older two would fit though...do they have bigger sizes?

kittenpie said...

So cute! we had the block babies on our front lawn running through the sprinkler this weekend, getting filthy but having fun. Me, I drank my body weight in water and roasted and slept like a sloth. Thank goodness the storms these next couple of days are cooling things off bit by bit, even if I keep having to be out in them! (It's outreach time at work...)

for a different kind of girl said...

Not only are we having storms, but we're approaching flood stage. So it's hot as hell - check. Taunted daily with storms and/or tornado warnings - check. We're stuck inside - check. Good times. I want to sit in a bowl and drink, too!

Chag said...

It's been near or at 100 degrees for a solid week where I live. My kingdom for a swimming pool! Maybe I'll just use Gigi's method instead.

Still getting used to Gigi.

ourlittlefunnybunny said...

Gigi! I like it, but I miss Bumper too. Could she be any cuter in that picture!!!

kgirl said...

Looks like paradise for sure. The storms yesterday were pretty awesome, huh?

the mama bird diaries said...

At first, I loved my google reader and now it's like a wild beast that I can not tame. I never thought about dumping the whole thing.

crazymumma said...

Just when the Ontario population has resigned itself to mediocre temperatures, the appropriate switch is flipped and the province-wide complaining begins. Wonder how he got that job and why do I assume it's a man?

snorf. goddamn that was funny! Nice pool woman!

Haley-O said...

Omigosh, that picture is CLASSIC! I love your vision of someone flicking a switch because that TOTALLY sums up Ontario weather lately. It's so erratic.

I am CRAVING that blue bucket RIGHT NOW. Want to dump it on my head!!! ;)

I am SO behind on my reading, too.... Feel so out of the loop (and a little self-indulgent!)

Major Bedhead said...

It was 103 here today. It's only June 10th. And I don't live anywhere close to what could be considered the south.

That is an ingenious pool. I need one.

Ms Blue said...

Last night was the first night we gave the AC a rest and let the cool evening air in. It's that horrible humidity that does me in. Not to mention the sorry state of my hair.

Love these photos!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Our heat wave finally broke yesterday. It's definitely warm out still, but not like the hell we were having. I am so far behind on my blog reading too. My reader had 151 posts.

Mayberry said...

Now I'm catching up on a big backlog of posts but I think I'd rather be sitting in a basin full of water on my patio. That is the LIFE.

Yvie said...

Awesome photos!

Sessel said...

I like the pictures, too.