Wednesday, February 6

my original party animal

Welcome to a kinda Wordless Wednesday.

Theme: Mardi Gras!

Bumper is getting ready for MARDI GRAS! To answer your question before you even ask (because at motherbumper, we anticipate your needs and desire for answers): Yes, she will flash you for cheap jewellery and chocolate chips.

It's not really a party until somebody gets nekkid and puts a lampshade on their head.

BTW - I'll flash in exchange for doing my laundry and cleaning my baseboards (which are beyond dusty, they now contain a microsociety of dust beasts that I sense are plotting against us... they just seem to ooze evil... and dust).

I'm off to ignore the growing (and possibly alive if I don't do something soon) pile of laundry and (really grotty) baseboards.

The party never stops here in motherbumper land!


a. beaverhausen said...

Dusty baseboards. Laundry spilling out of the hamper...

Are you sure you're not at my house?

**"Liza"** said...

Ohhh lol that's the spirit! I like the second photo I think it's so silly..;) My WW is here take a peak if you get a chance..;)

Kyla said...

I hate baseboards!!! ACK!

And laundry. Ugh.

I'm doing the same thing today, except replace baseboards with "finding the floor in KayTar's room".

daysgoby said...

I cleaned out a corner pile yesterday. GOD. The dust.

Bills from 2006. I may shoot my husband, who think it's funny.

LOVE the lampshade!

kittenpie said...

god, I have to clean tonight too - I have a friend coming over tomorrow who is a neat freak, if you can believe it! I bet it won't be nearly so much fun. Maybe if I get nekkid first?

Hey - I think word ver is making a comment on that last thought - my word is ughle. Humph.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Way to get into the groove there!

And come dust my baseboards when you're done. I don't think they've seen the light of day in years!

NotSoSage said...

I've got an inkling that you've flashed for less in the past. She doesn't get it from nowhere, ya know.

Whit said...

Post a picture of you flashing and I'll post one of me cleaning.

Utah Mommy said...

Cute i love those props lol! they are enjoying what they're doing i am sure of that. Happy WW!
Totally Worn Out
The Future Pianist

nomotherearth said...

You can clean baseboards?? I thpught you just throw them out when they get dirty.

Mandy said...

our current place is so white trash we don't even have baseboards... did i mention thank god we're moving??

Mac and Cheese said...

You're supposed to clean baseboards?

Redneck Mommy said...

Damn it.

I didn't know we were supposed to clean our baseboards. Shit.

I'd rather scrub the toilet.

Or walk around naked with a lampshade over my head.

the mama bird diaries said...

I went to Tulane and when I was cleaning out my mom's attic, I found the BEST mardi gras beads.

You know the kind you have to really work for.

There was no way I was throwing those bad boys out.

Mardi Gras rocks. Laundry sucks.

something blue said...

Cleaning baseboards! Whoa, you are sounding like a real mother. You better flash someone and put a lampshade on your head.