Wednesday, February 27

Do we even have a "our song"?

So yesterday was a celebration of our love.

Don't worry, I'm gagging right along with you over that so very "not something motherbumper would say" opening statement. Romantic and squishy words do not roll of my tongue with ease. Fingers? mehn. It's a smidgen easier to type without giggling like an idiot.

Anyhow: SB and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday with the usual romantic gestures we show for each other.

And after the hockey game, we watched the episode of Survivor taped last week.

SB - I really do love you more and more each day. And Wednesdays are double your points day so dude, I love you lots. That's all the mush I have to share folks.

And here are my offerings for my (per usual) not so Wordless Wednesday:

[inside he wrote "so far, so good xoxoxo" - that's my man]

the snow artist
next exhibit coming to a freezer near you

And in reaction to reading my "so far right, you end up right behind your husband" portion of yesterday's post "Don't trust the teens and the husband is always right", SB declared that I was doing a great job on the huge pile of dishes I was tackling last night (three days worth of filthy fun. I'm this close to putting on an apron, high-waisted sensible pants, and asking my doctor for some chill pills of the valium-type).

This little gem of positive reinforcement was declared while he watched the third period of the hockey game and drank our anniversary bottle of red. Would it be too much or not enough to stab him in the butt with a dirty fork?


Gabriella said...

Happy Anniversary MB!

Heather said...

I think the fork stabbing sounds about right.

Happy anniversary.

Kyla said...

Happy anniversary. In my Valentine's Day card, I think Josh wrote something like "You're great. Love ya." LMAO. It cracked me up. What are we 8?

kittenpie said...

I say let the punishment fit the crime - snap him with a wet dish towel.

happy anniversary! Sounds like you're about like me on the romantic gestures front. I may have fallen asleep early on our last anniversary - ten years, no less. oops.

Janet said...

Happy anniversary! How many years?

Either stab him with the fork or out him on your blog.


mamatulip said...

Not enough.

Happy Anniversary!

Chag said...

Happy Anniversary, guys!

So... do you have a song?

Redneck Mommy said...

Happy anniversary to you and your dude.

But I gotta say, stabbing him with the fork doesn't sound like enough. Do it and then run with Kittenpie's suggestion and whip him with a wet towel.

Who knows, it might get him in the mood. *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

daysgoby said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hey! Did you come home and I missed you?

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Happy Anniversary to the lovebirds.

Lovebirds, heh.

It sounded better than Happy Anniversary to you and your boy toy.


Mac and Cheese said...

Your love is clearly written across the sky! Happy Anniversary.