Saturday, December 29

pass the baby cheese platter please

Oh yes, it's been quiet here in motherbumperland but in the so-called "real" world, the Bumps have been bumping and stomping around celebrating the birth of the Baby Cheese, I mean Jesus, in classic consumer style.

Yup, she wished the baby cheese a happy birthday. Oh well. Close enough.

everything is going to be okay baby cheese

So yes, we did the usual festivities, spoiled each other rotten, sang the 12 days of Christmas until we made Bumper beg us to stop, ate way too much good food, drank just about enough good cheer, and discovered the frightening side of Christmas.

Yes, the scary side of Christmas.

I thought it would be fun to watch the classic Christmas specials that I loved in my childhood. You know, stuff like the stop-animation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Little Drummer Boy.

An entire box set was available at the store so I snapped it up, envisioning a Christmas afternoon curled up on the sofa watching the crappy endearing TV specials of my youth.

OK - you can stop laughing now.

Oh motherbumper, haven't you learned anything in your two short years of parenting? Apparently I keep forgetting the gold standard: what I envision is not what will unfold.

So back to a nightmare at motherbumper Christmas:

Remember this guy?
Yes, well this handsome devil now stars in all my daughters nightmares.

Fun f'ing times.

And Little Drummer Boy? Between the kidnapping and all around negative aura of this show, I'm shocked that I'm not more warped (keep it to yourself folks).

I'm scared to watch anymore of the shows that I remember so fondly. This little box set is going to be shelved for a few years... until she develops her love of horror films like her parents.

Peace out people, it's date night and I've got to start putting on my face. Natural beauty like mine takes hours to create.


daysgoby said...

Oh, I was scared of the Bumble too!

Rosey's new fear is the Grinch. Both the animated and Jim Carrey versions.
Apparently they take turns hiding under the bed, waiting to snack on her tender limbs.

Kyla said...

Baby Cheese. How cute!

I'm glad KayTar hasn't hit the developmental milestone of know, except for doctors and such. LOL. That one is unavoidable unfortunately.

SciFi Dad said...

We got the same set you did.

The biggest hit was Frosty... aside from a couple uses of "hate", it's toddler-safe and even the villain isn't scary.

Rudolph was met with the same reaction as Bumper, although the munchkin seemed to calm down when I explained none of it was real, that it was all pretend, etc.

We tried Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, but all the damn Kringles just confused her. ("Why is that Santa short? What do you mean, Santa is young? Why is that man so grumpy all the time?")

Little Drummer Boy... I hit stop as the raiders were, uh, murdering the kid's father and haven't been back since.

We tried Frosty Returns, but the munchkin kept asking for "real" Frosty (yeah, me too kid).

However, we all loved Elmo's Christmas Countdown (seriously... if you do nothing else, click the link at my blog for the youtube of the Soprano's Bert and Ernie).

Jezer said...

We watched Rudolph this year, too, thinking that it would be a great way to share our childhood Christmas experiences with Al. What we didn't remember, though, were the undertones of bigotry and conditional love (Donner: Here, cover your nose--I want to be proud of you. Also, girl reindeer's dad: No daughter of mine is going to be going around with reindeer with a red nose!). Of course, Al didn't pick up on that part, but he wasn't wild about the abominable snow thingy either.

Love the Baby Cheese! Now THAT could be the beginning of some great Christmas traditions.

Stimey said...

Yeah, all those shows terrified my children as well. But nothing competes with the scream-fest that The Polar Express inspired when I tried to show it to them today. Oh my God, the tears...the tears...

kittenpie said...

mine had the same thing happen! She happened to catch that bloody Rudolph movie at a friends weeks ago, and she is STILL talking about the monster and how he is in her dreams. Remember me saying she doesn't watch movies yet because of the scare factor? Bloody other people's houses, I tell you... Maybe their kid is not as creeped out by this stuff, but mine is just like me. No horror, thanks.

Janet said...

we had similar issues with the abominable snowman (or however you spell it). That guy is a real stiffler of cheer. He is.

mothergoosemouse said...

No fear here, but that's only because Kyle has warped the girls sufficiently already by watching Heroes and Stargate SG-1 with them.

Oh, The Joys said...

I LOVED The Little Drummer Boy - but yeah... not so nicey nice.

Happy Birthday to the baby cheese.

something blue said...

I think we watched all the holiday classics way too many times this season. The Abominable Snowman kind of looks like Sully from Monsters Inc. They are probably cousins.

kgirl said...

omg, we watched little drummer boy this year, and it seemed downright subversive, what with the murder and pillage and slavery and all that. bee seemed to like it tho.

merry merry!

Tracey said...

Those classic holiday shows are not as friendly as one would think. And the meanness of the reindeer and elves is too much for me!

Have a fun date! Hope it's with your husband...

jennie said...

We watched some of them too. The fond nostalgic memories I have of watching the movies on tv is not the same as watching them as an adult with two young kids on dvd.

metro mama said...

Have a great date night!

Don Mills Diva said...

OMG - I had forgotten about that Bumble guy - probably blocked him out of memory - he IS creepy.

Mac and Cheese said...

All I watched was a 90210 marathon. No nightmares, but I did scare myself when I realized how many episodes I actually watched in one sitting.

Mrs. Chicky said...

The Abominable Snowman still freaks me out. Chicky handled it better than I do but it got to her too. But she's tougher than me so I think we'll skip therapy on this one.

nomotherearth said...

We couldn't watch Rudolph because the Boy didn't like the mean head elf who yelled at Hermey.

And Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Fuggedaboudit.

We didn't even try the Grinch.

Happy New Year!!

Chag said...

The Bumble scared the hell out of me when I was little. I still haven't let my kids watch that show because my daughter gets scared watching Curious George.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I actually found the Bumble doll two years ago at Dollar General here in Nashville! Then he lost a foot and got tossed to the back of the stuffed animal mosh pit in oldest daughter's room and was quickly forgotten. But I love the old classics. There was a big marathon of them on ABC Family's channel.

Cakabaker said...

But I love the Abomnidable Snowman! Did you show Bumper that Bumbles bounce?

My favorite is A Year without Santa, I love the Heat Miser :)