Sunday, December 16

crazy carpet phobia and other stuff

If I was still physically as opposed to just mentally a kid, there would be a slight resentment towards today's kind of weather. I'd be totally ticked that a weather system would have the nerve to do it's thing on a weekend - as opposed to dumping it's magic on a school day.

Snow days rocked when I was a kid.

Even if the power went out (it often did) - the fireplace and reading by flashlight was always cool - sometimes literally.

Anyhow, getting out of school was always fun.

Close to our home was a really great sledding hill and when the snow would finally let up, that triple whammy of a incline was one of the best places to be.

Personally, the crazy carpets always went far too fast for me but I loved the potential neck-breaker wooden toboggan and the flying saucer (photo source). If memory serves correctly, ours was red with yellow handles.

Moving back into today world:

Today would have been a perfect day to go sledding across the street on the small hill. But the snow never stopped long enough. And it was freaking cold all day long.

Last time I checked something around 20 cms had fallen.

Earlier today during one of the snow breaks Bumper wanted to go outside.

Unaware of just how freaking cold it was outside she put up a fight and refused to put on her jacket. We found a compromise.

Here she is in her boots, snow pants, and my jacket. Or as I like to call it a full length evening ski dress.

So we haven't had any problems with the snow which keeps falling and falling and falling and falling.

We prepped for this one, thanks to the media scare tactics weather warnings and the grocery and video store were both covered.

BTW, we didn't go with her choice. We went with this and will be watching it tonight.

Speaking of tonight (nice segue), the snow is supposed to let up by 11 tonight.

Back in the motherbumper school days - are you getting dizzy yet from all the back and forth through time? - anyhow, back then, a late night snow fall meant that there was still a possibility that school could be cancelled in the morning.

I'd hang on that radio station over breakfast the next morning, shushing anyone who dared to speak or make noise during the reading of cancelled schools and events. My fingers would be crossed, my eyes squeezed shut (because it made listening that much easier - it's true), and I would be just hoping to hear my schools name read.

Even if I awoke to find the roads had been efficiently cleared during the wee hours (damn you, you organized city planners), I'd still listening for a burst pipe or something cold-weather related. Boiler problems and unstable pipes were always a plus going to school in a building worthy of a museum.

But if no radio announcement came there was consolation in the fact that the playground at lunch time was going to be an awesome landscape of forts and fights for the next few days.

Snow forts rocked especially when I was short enough to take full advantage of them.

Okay, it's time to get back to today world and go play some Guitar Hero III. It's completely addictive and you can considered yourself warned. See ya.


metro mama said...

I was always fond of the crazy carpet.

We need to have an MBT toboganning party.

Maddy said...

I love snow, just as long as I can view it from a nice, safe, warm distance.

Jezer said...

Growing up in Texas, my brother and I both longed for a reason to ask Santa for a sled. I think my brother DID ask for one once. We get enough snow to shut down schools about once very 5-10 years. I still get giddy when I see snowflakes around here. AND you should see the get-ups we put on to keep warm. :)

Mac and Cheese said...

My f@#*ing school never closed for snow. NEVER! I was ripped off!

Amy U. said...

Oooooh an MBT tobogagning party would be great fun, metro mama! We were thinking of having a New Year's Eve toboggan run.

We had a fantastic shiny red, aluminum toboggan when I was a kid. My brother, my dad and I all fit on it together.

We made some great forts in the yard, too. I'm glad I had a brother, because otherwise I might not have had the winter blizzard fort experience!

Oh, The Joys said...

I'm lovin' the evening snow dress!

SciFi Dad said...

The munchkin's sick, so she wasn't allowed out tonight... that is, until I tricked MTM and got her to help move cars... and the munchkin got to play in the snow fort (or as she calls it "the big hole") I made for her.

PS - snow days rock for the people who don't have to shovel the driveway.

Redneck Mommy said...

We had a snow day today.

Read: I locked the kids outside while they built a snow fort and I wrapped presents and listened to some adult music.

I love snow days.

Kyla said...

I want snow. And sledding. And a crazy carpet.

Mrs. Chicky said...

We had the red flying saucer but the crazy carpet almost made me break my little neck. HATED that thing.

naomicatgirl said...

Behind my house growing up was the most AWESOME toboggan hill. It was the length of almost 5 houses, and was nice and wide. Made for many a fun afternoon.

My husband built a small hill in the front yard when he shoveled the driveway, and put our older son on the toboggan we got at a toy sale last week.

It was very cool.

kittenpie said...

We tried to go out today, but it was awfully blowy. So it didn't last long. Just enough for me to do a quick reshovel, for Pumpkinpie to take a quick spin on the toboggan and deem it acceptable transport to daycare tomorrow, and for me to start a snow creature, but not get that far. Then we went in for hot chocolate and popcorn. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so windy, so it will be more fun to enjoy the snow. (And I love the full-length evening ski dress. Ha!)

nomotherearth said...

We got the Boy a toboggan for Christmas but we could sure use it today.

b*babbler said...

Oh, I was wanting to take Peanut outside, but dammit, have you ever tried to find snow boots that fit a baby size 03 or 04? It's just not happening. I have the rest of the outfit - snowsuit, hats, mittens, scarves - but no boots!

However, it was kinda fun just hanging out in the living room watching Sesame Street together!

mothergoosemouse said...

An evening ski dress. She *is* elegant.

We had the most fabulous front yard for sledding. It was nearly a ski slope. The backyard was good too - the hill was shorter, but just as steep, and the momentum would send us careening across the width of the flat part of the yard. And we had royal blue plastic saucers - like garbage can lids turned upside down.

jennie said...

snow days make you want to be outside all day, especially when it's too dangerous to drive.

andrea said...

I loved the crazy carpet! A sheet of hard plastic with two holes for "handles."


I still have mine, but I won't let my kids use it because I'm sure they'd break their necks.

andrea from the fishbowl"

something blue said...

I'm addicted to watching the storm coverage. Those weather people are very dramatic.