Saturday, November 24

trippin' the sugar fantastic

Today was spent in a whirlwind that involved nine hoards of small children and crazed adults parental units.

We revolved around the craft table, large screen showing Treehouse, Quiznos party platters (OMG best house warming food - seriously, why cook and mess up that fantastic kitchen - it's the last time it's going to be that clean - hostess is due in less than a month).

In all seriousness, it was supposed to be an adult party but every single person came with at least one child under arm. It's reassuring to know that many other folks are also apparently insane.

But back to the Quiznos platters and food: Damn, that food was good and I wanted to park myself by the table. There were devil food cupcakes, fresh, home made, with fluffy icing just waiting to be rolled in the bowls of toppings. I got to eat B's leftovers which consisted of the bottom half, no icing, and some possible ABC* toppings.

* ABC: already been chewed - remember that one from grade school?:
instigator:"want some abc gum?"
victim: "sure"
instigator: "ewwwwwwww you suck, you want already been chewed gum? you're gross"

Despite my obvious obsession with the food table, a
full cupcake was not to be mine.

An attractive, wide, shiny, new staircase just begged all of the small children - especially mine - to climb and disappear into the upstairs. This prevented any prolonged snacking. That is probably a good thing but damn, I got one scoop of the five layer deep - NOW THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR.

a small photo essay of our day


we need more fuel

let's stay up waaaaaaaay past our bedtime
let's make our parents freeze their tails off*

* Truth be told...I stayed out long enough to take two photos and ran back inside.

Yes I suck - but damn it was cold and because I'm apparently a lobotomised idiot, I dressed like it was a cool August evening as opposed to -5 (23).


Denguy said...

The key to staying warm is "layers".

something blue said...

Hooray for party weekends! I had an already been licked shortbread cookie today. They do it all for the icing.

Assertagirl said...

Whoever thought of dipping iced cupcakes into toppings is a friggin' GENIUS.

Kyla said...

YUM! And fun!

I so wish it was snowing here!

Lisa b said...

that sweater is wicked
I am always on the lookout for good takeout. Thanks for the tip.

outside is what dads are for.

Don Mills Diva said...

Mmmmm - Quiznos.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Where did you get that sweater? I'm in serious love with it.

jennie said...

I love that pirate sweater - so cute. I'd kind of like one for myself.

Janet said...

Love that sweater!