Friday, October 19


This is what I discovered a few days ago while trying to engage the little ladies in a string of hallway six pins: toddlers cheat at bowling.

I tried to pass Bumper the bowling ball but she took matters into her own hands, I mean foot.

You think she'd try to feign interest, just a speck.

Nothing like eroding the tiny hill of mothering-mad-skillz I may been feeling lately.

And sweet little Imelda appears to be...

wait one freakin' second... is my voice really that nasally? Oh my holy heck, do I sound like that?

Sweet juju, I'm never speaking in public ever again.

I will now just be referred to as the Silent Blogger or SB for short.

Wait... calling me SB should not to be confused with the name I use for my partner in parenting crime(s), sb.


Oh screw it. Too confusing and anyway, I like the way motherbumper sometimes sounds like *bleep* when said too fast.


A nice end to the week:

Rusti* gave me one of those shiny fangled really swell blogger awardy things called the I'm Fabulous Award which means I'm Totally Fabulous according to the standards at Totally Fabulous which sounds completely legitimate to me. Way to make me blush and be polite - thanks Rusti!

*I think Rusti is a private blog writer and I have a key to her blog but I'm gonna do the link anyway because I love giving linky love. Which sounds way kinkier than it actually is.

Apparently I got the award because my posts have been a great form of birth control* AND my posts make her laugh. That's a good thing, right?

* best free chemical-free form of birth control** - my words are way more effective than the rhythm method***

** chemical-free not guaranteed on weekends, holidays, full-moons, or alternate Tuesday evenings

*** not really so don't sue me if you still manage to get pregnant after reading about my battle with sleep deprivation


Kyla said...

You are fabulous! Bump is so funny. Bowling is so last year, Mom. Oops, I knocked over the over, I guess. Darn.


b*babbler said...

I love how utterly disdainful of the whole enterprise she seemed to be. Like she was saying, OK, enough of that!

Got to love kids and their decisiveness!

Oh, The Joys said...

I have to draw the line somewhere and bowling is that line.

kittenpie said...

My attempt to teach Pumpkinpie bowling struck out, too. How are they not getting that this is FUN? Kids. pah.

Rusti said...

LOL!! Oh MB - you do make me laugh - love the disclaimers at the bottom!! One question... the cheating that Bumper is doing... did she learn this from you? ;) and I think motherbumper fits you perfectly... especially if said too fast!! (no I really didn't just call you what you think I called you... seriously.) ;)

PS - my blog is private, as sometimes I feel the need to say what's on my mind, without hurting the feeling of certain family members who may check in, or work people - who I just don't want to know all about my private life... so... if there happens to be anyone who has an interest in reading my less-than-interesting blog - I'm open to more readers :) You can give them my e-mail address if you see fit... or heck - here - - making life less complicated for you.

Have a FABULOUS weekend MB!

Mrs Imelda said...

I am LMAF here.

Being someone who lost her grade nine gym exam exemption for FLUNKING BOWLING, I say YOU GO BUMPER!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend

Christy said...

Congrats! You're not only fabulous but you are seriously funny! I love your blog:)

something blue said...

Actually that looks more like a spare. hee hee... I love how her mate observes Bumpers technique.

I hope my doctor prescribes me some Motherbumper!