Wednesday, June 13

Monkey see, monkey do

Bumper and I have been away for the past week (let's hear it for seat sales!).

We are glad to be back because we missed SB sooooooo much (how much motherbumper?). So much, it would be impossible to qualify the amount with mere words.

By the way, I'm not getting on a plane with toddler solo again.

This "free air fare" for the under two set is beginning to make sense to me. I used to question why the age limit wasn't three because I used to think that the average three year old would want to sit on a parental lapage. But that was back in my silly and carefree "pre-toddler" days and now I completely understand why the airlines have this rule.

I have the bruises and bite marks to prove why. One needs to purchase a seat to strap the wee one to when the wrestling just becomes WAAAAAAY too much to handle.

But air travel aside, we had a wonderful time out East.

Oh wait, I forgot about this "one for the baby book" moment which may or may not have happened while we were visiting my parents, aka the grandparents:

Someone may or may not have walked into the living room and yelled out "F*CK YOU!" at the top of their wee lungs.

Completely unprompted.

I think it was just a fluke because we usually say "f*ck that sh*t".

SB was instantly blamed because he wasn't there to defend himself.

hey kid... yes you over there...
screw you and the melon you rode in on!


kittenpie said...

OMG I would die. DIE, I say.

SciFi Dad said...

Did she say it to one of the grandparents directly, or just to the room? If it was the former, then ouch. If it was the latter, then just say she was saying it to a fly... nobody likes flies.

ali said...

i'm flying in a few weeks with two of my kids...alone. i'm dreading this flight. it's isabella's last "free" flight...which basically means that she doesn't get a seat...which really means that she's going to be a total mess by the end of the excited...

Kyla said...

Oh plane fun! BubTar is great at it...KayTar? Not so much. And she wasn't even walking then. Now I can't imagine the nightmare.

And, TOO FUNNY!! OMG. I would have died. I have a video where BubTar sounds like he is saying "Oh shit!" but it can't be that because we don't curse around them. The video still cracks me up, though.

metro mama said...

Hee hee! Perfect!

MotherBumper said...

SciFi Dad - She didn't say it directly so thankfully it was directed at the fly. So the grandparents saw the humorous side of this story. But my mom was mildly shocked.

I was standing in the kitchen off the living room when she ran in from the deck and said it. Mom was standing right next to me and stopped doing whatever she was doing instantly and asked me if she just said f you. I froze hoping no one else had heard what I had understood but nope, she had obviously heard loud and clear. She couldn't help but laugh, but still - my Mom does not swear at all (though she has been known to flip another driver the middle finger when pushed).

I knew this was going to happen sometime but I just didn't expect it this early. GAH!

kgirl said...

AWESOME!! I heart Bumper, tho she shouldn't be mama-wrestling on the plane. This is why I travel with an entourage.

Welcome back!

Absolutely Bananas said...

OH boy... airplane travel with a toddler is a NIGHTMARE! After a couple of trips with "free seating" I vowed to pay whatever price to get CJ a seat of his own. It's really, really worth it.

Mrs. Chicky said...

That Bumper, she's a girl after my own heart.

Lisa b said...

Holy S$#$!
That kid is amazing.

I almost flew solo this spring but then I made the banker arrange his business meetings around my flights. I am a wimp.

Her Bad Mother said...

See, my mother would just laugh. Tells you a little something about how I ended up as I did.