Tuesday, May 22

seriously lacking in content


I'm completely, 100% guilty of lazy blogging.

It's true, all I have been doing lately is reviews (which is a good thing) and links to articles that make me go "huh?" or laugh. But what can I say, I have blogstipation so it's what I'm doing and I love to share the things I discover during my daily grind.

Speaking of grind - if you want a good giggle, go read this article that SB send me. The note he included said "I was ahead of my time" and oh boy, let me tell you that he was.

I always thought the way that my husband introduced himself was an accident but apparently that grind to my backside was purposeful. I guess it was a good thing because my momma always told me to check the goods before buying (no she didn't).

Seriously though, can you believe that 3.5% of the surveyed women really thought that having a guy touch their their breasts when first meeting was an "acceptable alternative to hello"? Because last time that happened to me, an acceptable response involved my knee meeting his family jewels. I'm just saying.
We road tripped it this weekend and while puttering down the 401 with all the other polite drivers, we saw this license plate. I know this is completely in poor taste but I couldn't resist.

I just couldn't resist at all.

Seriously, I bet this guy gets a huge number of high fives and honking horns from men he doesn't know.

I'm so immature

On that highly immature and non-mommy related note I will sign off and just think, my next post can only be more tasteful and insightful. Actually, the label from a tin of tainted tuna would probably be more tasteful and insightful than this. Whatever.


Sandra said...

Tasteful and insightful are highly overrated!!

Kyla said...

Hilarious license plate!!

But the link didn't work for me, do you think you could email it to me? Sounds quite entertaining.

metro mama said...

Nothing wrong with keepin' it light!

Mrs. Chicky said...

In some cultures I hear that spitting is also an acceptable form of greeting, but I still don't want some strange guy in a bar hocking a loogey on me.

That guy with the license plate's got some brass... Well, you know what I mean.

kgirl said...

Whatever dude; I'm not going anywhere.
And you made me laugh, and I like laughing so there.

Gabriella said...

hahahaha!! too funny!

nomotherearth said...

Everyone seems to be suffering from blogstipation these days - myself included. I blame it on the sunshine. :-)