Sunday, June 3


The very lovely and multi-talented mothergoosemouse tagged little ol' moi for a meme and I was instantly overwhelmed when I read the "rules".

I'm supposed to come up with 18 things that I haven't already revealed about myself on this blog.

18!?!? (f**k, that's a big number).

Well that is darn near impossible but I rarely back away from a challenge (slink away, yes but never back away).

So over a bowl of reheated meatballs (always with the meatballs) I tried to wrangle up 18 unknown MB facts. I burned my mouth on those meatballs because I was too busy racking my brains instead of blowing on overheated meatballs (I sadly am not multi-talented - you should have seen me when I used to be a smoker - no walking and puffing for this gal).

Since I burned my mouth on the meatballs, I had to go inspect the damage with my handy dandy flashlight that I always keep in the loo so I can make such physical inspections. While looking at the RED HOT POKER marks on my precious inner roof top, it dawned on me...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm incredibly vain and somewhat high-maintenance when it comes to grooming? No?

Well there you go, fact one leads to a huge list that may be difficult to narrow down to 18. SWEET!

To my real life friends (yes I have some so shut up!), I might appear frumpy and tired all the time but that I blame on parenthood (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). That said, I still love cosmetics, skin care products and pretty smelly stuff.

But because I grew up more tomboy than anything else, I've always been uncomfortable with this love of outer appearance (I mean, it's all about the inner that is important, right?).

Yet I can't deny my attraction to those displays of crayon-like shades of lipsticks, paintboxes of eye shadows, and all those tubes and jars of wonderful things.

Have I mentioned that I'm also an art supplies and stationary junkie?

Anyhow, it's part of who I am and I'm going to share my list my top 18 favorite beauty and skin care products*:

* Because it's a hot topic, for matters of disclosure I must clarify that none of the items listed have been solicited by a commercial/ad source - it's all me and about how much I love this stuff.

The " I can't (but sometimes do) live without" list of products:

Pardon the crap quality photo, I was just too lazy to reshoot it.

(1) Noxema: I love this cleanser and have used it since I was a kid. Reminds me of summer camp and being a teen. And it works. It also doubles as a moisturizer in a pinch (though not very good under make-up but better than dry skin).

(2) No.7 Refine & Rewind
: I put this on after cleansing and before moisturizing and my skin feels like silk - I It creates the perfect palatte for doing your face up. It claims to be a mini facial in a bottle and it is, it really is. Best part: you don't need to leave a tip.

(3) No.7 Pamper & Peel Radiance Mask
: A facial peel I try to use every two weeks. It's applied with a wee feather and takes off all that crap build up I get from living in the city.

(4) Neal's Yard Rose Facial Oil
: for extra dry days or under night time make-up, this oily but fast absorbing (and highly scented) face oil makes a nice moisturizer. Not for everyone but it works great for me (especially in the winter - no more wind-chapped cheeks).

(5) Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask
: The best priced and most wonderful mud mask made. Perfect Sunday Morning pick-me up. Also good for scaring the kidlet (in the kindest way possible).

(6) Witch Hazel
: Best Toner EVER, 'nuff said.

(7) Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Moisturizer
: I've been using this off and on since I was fifteen and I always end up going back whenever I have the money to blow on myself. It does it's job and it does it well.

(8) Aveda Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate: I roll this peppermint based oil on the inside of my wrists when tired and sniff it to give me energy (because cocaine is too expensive). I also rub it on my temples when I have a minor headache - easier than Calgon and is a fantastic, portable aromatherapy product.

(9) Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick
: I can't believe I still get zits (hello, I'm in my 30s but 13 still persists). When I get them, this product usually heals it (or at least minimizes it) over-night. Oh tea tree oil, is there anything you can't do? No? I thought so.

(10) Maybelline Great Lash mascara: I've tried many different kinds but I always come back to the classic formula (not the waterproof one). I also really like the clear one for eyebrows and daily eyelash plumping.

(11) Revlon Illuminance creme shadow in Vintage Chic: But I like to call them vamp shades. Black, ballerina pink, shiny white and trailer park blue. Perfect for creating anything from classy to smudged from sleeping on the carpet "I just partied all night" eyes.

(12) Rimmell Lasting Finish black nailpolish:
It dries quickly and lasts a long time. The only downside is the limited range of colors but they have basic black and that's OK for me.

(13) Smashbox coverstick: I just started using this one and it actually makes me look a little less dead. Not difficult to blend in the delicate under eye area and requires very little so the price seems justified.

(14) Tarte cheek color in Blushing Bride: This lasts a super long time, is easy to use and hard to f**k-up. Longevity justifies the price. And super cool names like Tipsy and Bronze Goddess.

(15) Benefits Color Plump lip crayon Love Ya: I still don't look like Bridget Bardot or Anjelina but the color suits me and I like the crayon format. It doesn't tingle like other plumpers but the plumping actually isn't important to me. This little lips work just fine for me, I'd probably be too overpowering if they plumped up anymore (yeah, right).

(16) Demeter in Ginger Ale: I love this fragrance line and I seriously hate most perfumed products, but this is a nice pick me up because it's not nauseating. It's not overpowering and the scents are unbelievable. I always come back to this one but I love the Birthday Cake and Gin & Tonic.

(17) Rosebud Salve: Excellent lip balm with the faintest hint of pink. Also doubles as a great diaper rash cream or to sooth chapped cheeks in a pinch.

(18) Store brand eyelash curler: I always use this before applying mascara, to achieve maximum curl. I should change the pads more often but at least I remember to clean them every once in a while. I've never tried the expensive brands because these do the job just fine.

Still here? I'm impressed and thank you for indulging me.

What can I say? I can be superficial sometimes but we all have different sides right?

I have my ultra feminine side and I'm letting her write the post this time.

I really wish I was more comfortable with that.


Ms. Porter said...

i LOVE products but i have really stopped buying them because i have so much crap as it is. i am interested in the no. 7 stuff you referred to...where do you get it?

Gabriella said...

I loved your list!!! And yes please tell where you get this #7 stuff.
Alot of times I read magazines where they talk about different beauty products but I'm so lazy to write them all down.
ANd I totally understand you on the girly side. I rarely dress up but I have a big thing for purses, shoes, smelly soaps. All girly things!!

crazymumma said...

yuze a swishy purty type a gal.....

MotherBumper said...

No. 7 and Botanics are the Boots UK drugstore line available at Shoppers Drug Marts with the fancy schmancy cosmetics sections. I love the stuff (LOVE IT!).

mamatulip said...

Totally with you on the witch hazel. It's all I've ever used.

ali said...

i love snooping through peoples' make-up and products... :)

Kyla said...

We have the Boots/NO. 7/Botanics down here in the US, too, at Target.

You know, I use NOTHING. I wash my face with body wash. The. End. But I'm thinking about maybe trying some new things, so now I have a handy dandy list of goodies to sample!

Mamalooper said...

For lip gloss and blush, I am all about NARS right now - orgasm and mata hari. I like MAC lip glass too.

On the cleansing front, I use Aveeno. For the past few months have been using Aveda eye cream and night cream (the ones in the green containers). And Clinique day face cream with SPF25.

And for a zillion years I have used the Body Shop chamomile make up remover and Maybelline mascara.

Kate said...

I love me a little indulging on the ultra feminine side sometimes too. I am also a tomboy pretty much, but give me a pair of nice shoes and a purty bracelet? And I can be all yours.

Don't worry, MB, your secret is safe with me. (and, well, the internet).

sam said...

Now I don't have to root through your make up bag if we ever meet! LOL

I love buying stuff too. It seems every time I go to WalMart I'm finding something I just HAVE to get!

petite gourmand said...

I'm a product junkie myself.
Great list!
I love #7 & # 10.
two of my favs.
will have to check out some of the other goodies listed.
Isn't it fun being a girl?
(or a drag queen?)

kittenpie said...

So with you on the rosebud salve. Love that stuff.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Damn. I think based on those recommendations I'm going to try some of those products.

mothergoosemouse said...

You've given me some great ideas here! Like you, I prefer the crayon format.

And I need some of the Smashbox stuff. And that cocaine-substitute. That combo would be enough to keep me looking (and feeling) alive even on the most gruesome mornings.

Ms. Porter said...

Shoppers had their 20 x's the points so I went in search of No 7 products. I got the peel mask (forgotten the name) but the other product you recommended is on back order. Apparently two of their products are sold out worldwide??? The salesperson told me that there was a big write up about No 7 in the Globe and Mail. So as I was saying...I bought four of their products, so thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try them out and perhaps do a little post on what I think.