Sunday, May 20

Making Moms everywhere feel more confident...

... that they are doing a good job because you seriously couldn't be this much of an idiot.

This mom drove her son to the store he was going to rob, knowing full well that he was going to hold it up with two friends. Her justification? She was afraid he was going to get hurt. Her wonderful specimen of a son was charged for participating in a robbery that ended with the store owner being stabbed.

She was quoted as saying "I knew he wanted to rob the shop and I was very worried about him".

How does that saying go? The road to hell is paved with good intentions... and apparently this mom was willing to drive her son down it.

I'll bet she was one of those moms that was never able to say no to her child - ever.

Yo Ma, can you drive me over to bank? I got somethin' to do...

This coming Monday I have another great book to review for the Parent Bloggers Network and this one deals with parenting. I think that this particular mom could have used this book.


Sandra said...

This is insane. Worried he'd get hurt? How about the person who was stabbed? Is she worried about them? I am in a particularly ranty mood and could bitch about this for ever. Need to breathe.

kgirl said...

I know we say that we would do anything for our children, but that's beyond the pale.

Oh and Ms B there? Simply delicious.

Kyla said...

Oh my. I hadn't heard about that. Some people. Goodness gracious.