Sunday, January 28

pay it forward

Rebecca over at Girl's Gone Child is providing the code for a fantastic button supporting Another Mother For Peace. AMFP has been around since the late 60s and their vision is easily summed up in this single sentence: "War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things".

Go read Rebecca's post and check out AMFP's site for more info. Peace can only be a good thing.


So what has Motherbumper learned this past weekend? That boasting rarely goes unpunished.

Pain is what I get for bragging about my new found daytime freedom during nap time a punishment of pain and misery.

This definitely goes under the category of TMI but I must repent for tooting my horn about how wonderful Bumper's nap time schedule has matured.

I developed mastitis.


It started on Friday night when I had two symptoms that at the time seemed unrelated. First I felt like I was developing a cold and I also had a mysterious bruised feeling under my left arm. Any shoulder movement triggered sharp pain. Combined with the general aches of an emerging cold, I was tres cranky. By Saturday morning I was completely sick with aches and pains in joints I didn't even know I had. My chest felt like it was being prodded with a million tiny red hot pokers and breastfeeding was torture. I dragged out all my gazillion and mostly useless parenting books and confirmed a self-diagnosis of mastitis (best description of symptoms found in The Mother of All Baby Books - by Ann Douglas). I then had it medically confirmed.

Many doses of extra-strength Tylenol and hot compresses later, I am left with mild cold symptoms plus one sore and beat-up looking hooter. Hard to believe that how I feel now beats red hot pokers any day.

So why do I share all the boring and painful details with you? If I can help one woman deal with the symptoms earlier then I did, I will feel much better. Please, if you think you are getting a cold and have what feels like a plugged milk duct, take the Tylenol, do the hot compresses and get ye to a doctor!

I do not wish that pain on anyone - ever (and I'm a vengeful gal).

I'm taking it easy tonight as husband is still out of town. Oh yeah, did I mention he's on a business trip? Talk about timing. Gah!


Naomi has a really informative post up at Mommy Blogs Toronto on what and where to do things with your kids in T.O. (including kid-friendly coffee spots! Sweet!). Excellent read for anyone in or traveling to the T-dot.


Check out this article on baby names in Alberta - can you believe someone named their son DiezelBlaze? He will be a force to be reckoned with and I sense he may rule the playgrounds in years to come.

I wanted to give Bumper the name Tuesday but was vetoed by husband. Sigh. Anyone else out there who wanted "unusual" names but didn't use them?


metro mama said...

Ouch. Hope you're top-notch again soon.


I wanted to name Archer, "Paper" if he was a girl... Yeah. Hal was not feeling that one at all. I thought it was cute. I know. I know. Glad he turned out a boy. Ooooh and thanks for passing on the button. :)

n.b. said...

I wanted "Ishmael" for a boy. I had a wonderful friend in college with that name, but my husband nixed it big time.

Chag said...

Both our kids have unusual names, but I really wanted to name my son Holden or Iggy. My wife hated both.

ali said...

i had mastitis with all three of my kiddies. it was AWFUL. hoping you feel better soon.

my kids have pretty typical names - Emily, Joshua and Isabella. mainstream, top 10 type names.

i really wanted to name Emily Scout. but it was either that or a divorce...

penelopeto said...

ow. sorry 'bout the boob.

you don't even want to know the names that we came up with. we're kind of hippies. the thing is, we only vetoed each other's 'normal' choices.

here's a few of the names we didn't use (but not because we didn't love them):
-oak get the idea.

Mimi said...

Who in the sweet holy hell names their baby 'Tequila'?? Man, that just ain't right.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Miss Baby is named for one unusually-monikered great-grandma. The other great-grandma was named Emily, so we can never use it.

I teach 20-year olds, and in one of my classes (30 students) I have 2 Lauras, 2 Ashleys, 2 Heathers, 5 Katherines (or variant spellings). At least a kid named Tequila would be easier for me to identify, I guess.

Sorry about the boobs: sounds awful.

Gabriella said...

I feel your pain, had mastitis twice already!!! You'll feel better soon!
I had a couple of unusual names that were all vetoed by my CONSERVATIVE husband;
Diego, Loralei, Tristan, Morgan.

Her Bad Mother said...

Ooh, OW. Feel for you, girl.

Daisy said...

Found you through your comment on Her Bad Mother. The Handmaid's Tale? Scary story. I read it when my oldest was a baby (yes, I'm that old). Names? I teach. My name list gets shorter every year. Good thing I'm done having babies!

mo-wo said...

Yep we went through an odd name window.. Here's the proof.

And, as to the boob bustin mastitis. My sympathies.. punch it down hard and early. It can get really nasty -- get well ASAP.

Lisa b said...

Oooo that sounds like hell. Thanks for the tip.