Wednesday, September 13

the post where I ask: how many times did you have to reheat your cup of tea today?

I had to do it three times.

Now, that's just wrong and I usually throw the tea out at the third-reheat point, just to make another and let it happen again. I'm not the only one on this train in vain, right?

She just keeps me so busy. I'm absolutely blown away at how busy she has become.

On a rainy day like today (I should clarify: I wrote this on Wednesday but didn't have time to finish it so just pretend it rained today, k?). As I was saying before I interrupted myself:

On a rainy day like today I'm always scratching my head for things to do. Bumper is getting more and more toddle-like each day. She will soon be a full-blown toddler and I'm both scared and welcoming of that particular day; you know, the day the toddle hits the fan.

Bumper now involves me more in her games. We smile at each other and she laughs so hard when she "tricks" me that I wish I could catch it all on video and share it with everyone I know (and don't know). But that would be annoying.

But I will corner you long enough to regale you with Bumper's "Top Three Tricks" to play on mom:
  1. Offer mom food and once it's in mom's mouth, whip it back out and eat it yourself. LAUGH RIOT!
  2. Pull mom's hair and jump on her head. Never fails to get the laughs.
  3. Drop all and any objects/food off the side of the stroller/high chair and make mom fetch it. Doesn't always work but when mom falls for it, it gets the laughs.
Ah the joys of being a toddle-baby.

As you can gather, I don't really know what to call her developmental stage. So I'm making word-things up.

Anyway, I was vexed by the rain because if I don't get Bumper out and about for at least an hour each day she won't go down at night. I need to exhaust her and that in itself is exhausting. What to do when you live in a small apartment with a lobby full of old folks who don't like it when I bring the baby downstairs.

I know, I hate to play into the stereotype but I just can't believe they don't want to touch her and steal her youthful life-juices like most old folks on the street and hallways (or at least that is what I think they are doing since they are so compelled to touch my baby even when I obviously don't want them to touch my baby). Whoops that turned into a rant. The point is: don't touch my baby.

No wait, that wasn't what I was talking about.

These folks like to sit in peace in the neat little lobby. So what is a mom to do?

We race the halls folks! Bumper spent a full 20 minutes racing down our floor's hallway before taking a break. It was wonderful. She was filthy but laughing her butt off and let me tell you, she was exhausted. One more thing to do and add to the rainy day list. Sweet.

Next time I think I'll wrap her in plastic.


Mrs. Chicky said...

I usually reheat a cup of coffee twice before I dump it and start again. I've learned to make extra in the morning for those times when Chicky runs me ragged. Which is everyday these days.

Lisa b said...

Dude you get tea?
I gave up on that long ago. Stranglely I tried again on wednesday. Must have been all the rain. The result was three half drunk cups. Reheating did not occur to me. I am so scattered it is best not to have hot drinks.
Gotta find somewhere to run bumper. That is rough.

metro mama said...

These rainy days are so painful. I really need to get Cakes out every day too. We both get a little wiggy in the house all day. It must be even harder in an apartment when you can't change the scenery very much.

tania (urban_mommy) said...

I not only reheat, I go around sniffing coffee cups strewn around the house, "Is this from today? Is it warmish?" If yes, I gulp it down. So gross I know, but I'm desperate.

You are scaring me with the toddle-baby description. I'm brewing an idea to solve all our problems...and THANK YOU for offering to babysit, you are SO AWESOME MB! xoxoxo

In regards to your last post, I was going to write you a big big comment or email because it stirred a lot in me.Ending the violence against women is a big cause of mine too and your post reminded me of when I worked for The December 6 Fund - a fund that unconditionally gives women who are starting over an interest free loan - but then the whole Dawson College thing happened and I puddled on the floor. Too much Dec 6th for one day.

Thanks for your comment to my last post. I'm glad a discussion in happening. I'm off for week, lets talk when I get back!


sunshine scribe said...

Gotta love you some iced tea ... I had to switch when my guy was that age ... the only solution :)

mamatulip said...

I was JUST thinking about this earlier today -- I had to reheat my coffee I think four times -- I lost count after the second time -- and we ended up having to go out spontaneously and the entire time we were driving home I kept thinking about my cold coffee, sitting on the counter where I'd left it, and how when I got home I'd reheat it...again...

something blue said...

Thank the lord for microwaves!

But seriously woman you are killing me. The toddle-baby tricks, don't touch my baby and wrap her in plastic. Hee hee hee. I heart made up words.

Rainy days = noisy mall days.

crazymumma said...

How about looking in the Parks and Recreation Fun guide for playcentres? I am not sure where youare, but Mary McCormick has a great one.
Also, as SBB said, malls are great.

Pecos Blue said...

3 times i finally just drank the cold coffee and went out the door forgetting to eat entirely until we arrived at the reading group.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Cold tea from earlier is sitting on my desk as I read this. Hmph.

Getting out of the house with baby is good. At the moment, it's The Nanny that must do this, and often it's hard. I've done the running in the halls thing too, the few times we've been with The Happy Boy in hotels. THAT is not pretty.

kittenpie said...

Hey, is that the fisher-price collapsible booster/high chair she's in? Strapped to an IKEA chair? Are you at my house in that photo? (loooved that booster!)Yes, I'm now endorsing products in your comments. And I maintain in the current round of discussions that blogging is not commercial...

And OMG we had our own scary moment of new development last night - Pumpkinpie flipped herself out of her crib. She was hysterical at the time and didn't seem to remember this morning that she could do that, instead preferring to sing out for half an hour, to my great relief, but it meant I couldn't really sleep waiting for the thump and it won't be long til she does it again so I better get to babyproofing another layer of safety in her room and ours. Ack.

scarbie doll said...

I remember blogging about the tea thing too! So funny huh? With me it goes more like... I walk over to the electric kettle and flip the switch, then get called away. I walk back 30 minutes later and flick the switch again, then get my mug out in anticipation. I know it's gonna happen this time! Nope, Nate found the lone Sharpie in the house and has decided to get all Claes Oldenberg on my walls. 45 minutes later I flick the switch again and put the tea bag in. Exciting. Here comes my caffeine. I pour the water and then--OH! He fell and hit his head. Awesome.

You get used to cold tea. You really do.