Sunday, August 27

ladies night (oh what a sight)

So last night I got to meet a new roving gang of bloggers and I also had my first night out sans Bumper. I'm sad to report that I did not cry, did not use my mobile phone to call home, and did not check the clock until it was oh-so-late. I'm a bad, bad mommy.

But I did have photos in my purse of the little lady, I did think of her every moment that I wasn't accosting another blogger, ordering another drink, or admiring all the beautiful nails and shoes the ladies wore. So I'm a somewhat good mommy.

I'm happy to report that husband did great and there was absolutely no mishaps of a baby-meltdown or sleep-refusal kind occurred. What a relief.

So I'm a wee bit hungover and I never did get much sleep. I got home after 2am, giggled and told my husband about my evening, pigged out on shortbread cookies and crackers, drank water, and then watched two episodes of Harvey Birdman (sweet! nothin' better for a drunk girl to watch) before tripping to bed. Bumper decided 6am was a great time to start the day and needless to say, I've been dragging myself all day with a stupid smile on my face because I had a great evening, my nails are the shit, and I've made some great new friends. I'll do the links to the lovely ladies later but right now my head hurts and I'm going to sleep soon (if the gods are smiling down on me, I'm going to sleep soon).

I leave you with a very small photographic essay of my evening without actually showing you any of my evening. More details later.

sometimes bathroom graffiti can be so philosophical, n'est pas?

I came home and apparently took a photo of my new fake BlogHer tattoo in my nursing bra
(I'm both classy AND sexy)
tattoo courtesy of HBM
Bumper: and what time did you get home momma?
Me: 2am
Bumper: blink... blink... absolute look of disgust
Me: please don't ground me little lady, m'kay?


kittenpie said...

hey, that's pretty close to sexy for a nursing bra! Good to see you again - hope to see you Thursday? Pumpkinpie unveiling!

metro mama said...

It was great to finally meet you! Let's do it again soon.

Her Bad Mother said...

Dude! Nice bra!

We are so doing this, like, a thousand more times.

Lisa b said...

love the nursing bra/tatoo combination

penelopeto said...

sorry i missed it. who knew tattoos made nursing bras look so cool?

sunshine scribe said...

Oh you sassy mama you! So funny.

So great to see you. Looking forward to doing it again and again and again!!!

crazymumma said...

I know! can you believe how late we were? I cannot cope with your nails still being good...mine were shot within 5 minutes of leaving 10 Spot. Wished I had more of a chance to chat with you and see your photos! Another time...

something blue said...

I didn't realize that it was your very first outings without Bumper. You did splendidly. Bravo. Seriously, I can't wait to see you again!

Mrs. Chicky said...

You TO mamas are cah-raaa-zee. Fake tattoos and graffiti? Staying out late drinking with the girls? What's next? You'll probably all get motorcycles and start your own gang, you saucy mothers.

Glad you had a good time!

lildb said...

how fabulous are you? and that girl's face? (and those awesome ant sheets?)

glad you all had such a marvelous night out. :)

Bri said...

Bumper's pictures always make me laugh; she remind me of samantha sometimes, i think it's the eyes. And I just noticed those ant sheets! Cool!