Monday, July 24

Shaken not stirred


Wow oh wow oh wow.

See that logo up there?

Yah, that one.

The BlogMe one.

Pretty freakin' cool, right?

Yes, yes, I know it's not a BlogHer attendee logo but a girl can pretend she's going for a dreamy moment, can't she? Sigh.

So talk about some organized women. I used to be one of those but not anymore. And yes I realize we weren't talking about organized women directly but I've sometimes got to create my own segues people.

First off, Her Bad Mother is representin' the ladies of Toronto (because she is actually going). In the true fashion of BlogHer, the ladies (as I like to call us) organized an interview thingy (because I don't know the proper name) and I have been interviewed by the always wonderful, entertaining, well written and smart Bub and Pie (go check it out and you get a glimpse of me... hee hee).

WAIT! Don't go just yet! I did an interview too.

When I was assigned my interview, I darn near exploded. Yup. Just like the guests on that Farm Report from SCTV. I just blew up. Real good.

I was asked to interview one of my original addictions: Martinis for Milk. She was one of the first bloggers that I read and then spent many a breast-feeding marathons (don't miss those) reading her archives. And laughing. And crying. And nodding along in agreement. And paralyzed with fear in commenting. So I didn't. I lurked forever.

Then one day I did comment on her site and I'm glad to say that she didn't call me a moron. Then one day (in May actually not that I'm keeping a record or anything) she commented on my site and told me she thought I could write. So I decided I loved her more from that moment on.

Seriously though, I can relate to her. She likes to party, she is incredibly honest, she makes me laugh and her kid is mind-blowingly gorgeous. She tells it like it is. So I'll stop babbling now and on with the interview!

What is the quality you most admire in a blogger?
The quality I most admire in a blogger is originality of voice. I am drawn to those who say the things others are too embarrassed or nice to admit in good company. This true disregard for what people may think is an admirable characteristic.

What is your most marked blogging characteristic?
I am the mom who felt getting pregnant was like being banished to the Betty Ford. I am very social and active in Toronto's cultural life (read: I used to go to a lot of bars) and I like to travel (read: I like going to bars in other countries too). I'm learning to balance the "social me" with the "stuck at home me." Oops -- did I say "stuck at home?" I meant "stay at home."

What is your greatest virtue as a blogger?
I try to see humour in all things. I am able to laugh at myself and therefore I can offer up every aspect of my life to bring laughter to others. I just want people to feel like, "Hey, she went through that and can laugh about it. Maybe it's not so bad." I have no filter, so I get into a lot of trouble saying what I'm thinking out loud – often in graphic detail. But this has worked to my advantage in the blogosphere.

I'm also quite fond of the fertilized olive in my banner.

What do you regard as the principle defect of your blog?
I swear a lot and speak in urban slang. It's the language I grew up in and it's a large part of who I am. I was raised in lower middle class immigrant surroundings, where we spoke a sort of patois -- a meld of the languages of the international immigrant community. Being LMC, you tend to have a bigger chip on your shoulder and cursing is a huge part of your daily communication, expression and comedic escape.

But sometimes I feel like it comes across as "put on." So many moms are talking in this aggressive way online now that it seems unoriginal. That being said, I still call my best friend with, "Hey you skanky ho. You sound out of breath. Were you cramming*?" (*having a quickie) To which she replies, "No you dirty bitchbag..." and so forth.

I didn't read any mom blogs when I started writing, so my blogging voice has always been my own. But I've always been concerned that I may be alienating people with my colourful language. I've been attempting to balance out the slang with the more literary me as of late -- with mixed results.

What character of fiction do you most wish had a blog?
Pretentious answer: Catharine Deneuve’s character in Belle de Jour. (the ending leaves one with a lot of questions)

Down-to-earth answer: Bridget Jones (the pre-blogging diarist of modern times)

What historical or real life person do you most wish had a blog?
I have found that getting inside the head of someone you admire is not always a good thing. But if I had to choose, I’d be interested in someone from classic Hollywood, like Sinatra. Now there was someone classy who knew how to party.

What is your present state of mind as a blogger?
Fuzzy, very fuzzy. Trying to figure out how to say stuff that others aren’t saying, while keeping things brief and still documenting my journey as a mother.

What is your blog motto?
Publish everything that’s fit to print. Then pray your mother doesn’t find your blog.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
To find oneself without family or friends.

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Human beings respecting in equal parts both their fellow citizens and this planet which feeds and houses us.

What historical figures do you most despise?
Those who’ve made a career of war.

What is the quality you most admire in a man?

What is the quality you most admire in a woman?
The ability to make her presence known by merely entering a room.

What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Outliving my child.

What is your motto?
Everything happens for a reason.

Thank you Martinis for Milk for taking the time for this interview.

I leave you all with a photo that made me giggle. You see, I had originally thought that Martinis for Milk had coined the term "muffin top". She used it a few times on her site and I knew exactly what it meant when she used it. But she informed me (because she honest y'all!) that it was a Clinton term. So when she sent me this photo to go with her interview, I snorted coffee out my nose because she gave me my first laugh of the day.

BTW - that is no muffin top. I have a muffin top. A muffin like those cake laden bad boys you find at the grocery store. That my dear, is a beautiful goddess-like tummy. One I would kill to have.

I'll stop talking now.

Don't forget to go visit Bub and Pie!


scarbie doll said...

OK, so I totally sent you the one that was the least gross. LOL.

Thanks for what you said about me. It actually brought a tear to my eye. And anyone who makes SCTV references is welcome in this house!

sunshine scribe said...

I was really looking forward to Scarbie's interview and she didn't disappoint. She is one of the most real bloggers out there. I respect her. Really really do. Plus she's damn funny and her kid flirts with me :)

something blue said...

Scarbie I love ya even more now! Geesh is that possible. I hear you on being stuck at home. And "cramming" LOL. I'm adding that one to my vocabulary!

I will be back to check out your slacking muffin top.

tomama said...

Great interview!

Beth said...

Great interview, and if my muffin top looked like that, i would be one happy lady!

something blue said...

If I was you I'd be parading around in halter tops that show off my belly button. I long for the day.

kittenpie said...

God, I love how brave scarb is. Letting it all hang out - literally in this case! No, I kid, Scarb - lookin' good.

Jezer said...

Great interview!

And MB, I said it over there, but I'll say it here too--OMG you said Laura Palmer! That rocks.

Her Bad Mother said...

Nicely done - well hosted, great interview.

And the hottest muffin top EVER.

penelopeto said...

my muffin top could totally beat up your muffin top.

you ladies are two of my favourite. this was like peanut butter and chocolate. deeelish.

tania (urban_mommy) said...

YEs, MB, that is NOT a muffin top. Geesh, enough to give us all a complex if that is what classifies as a muffin top these day. Crap, did Scarbie actually have a kid?

And I, for one, like the swearing. I swear. A lot. In life, in my head, in my blog. I never swear when I'm angry or to hurt someone. Never. Swear words are fun! Good times, good times.

Bri said...

Great interview. I loved reading all of them!

mamatulip said...

Wow. Fabulous interview. Um...heading over to her site now.