Friday, July 21

excuses, excuses, excuses

I've been having a whirlwind birthday week (yeah baby, when it's my birthday I make it laaaast). I am blown away at the amount of birthday greetings I received from all my bloggy friends, thank you a million times over.

I think it's really funny that my best friend forgot (and to boot, it's her wedding anniversary. She used to joke that she could never forget both but apparently she did forget both this year). She still hasn't called yet so I think maybe her husband forgot too (doesn't surprize me, he's a jerk but that's a whole other post). Anyhooo, I wonder how long it will take for her to figure it out? She doesn't live here in the city and we only talk every couple of weeks so let's just see how long it takes. I'll keep you up to date on that one.

I've also been a deliquent poster this week. I've been brought down by this heat wave and I'm not over inspired to write a post. Actually that's a lie. I have a huge one in the works but I'm having trouble writing it. It's nothing deep or spectacular but I want to get it done because it's important to me. But instead this thing called motherhood keeps getting in the way.

Bumper has decided she is too mature for morning naps now which is also another reason I'm not getting any posting done. Morning chores have become afternoon chores and afternoon blogging has become no time blogging. She also has started to undress herself. She likes to rip off her diaper and crawl away, which is amusing but annoying at the same time. I'd let her run wild and poop in the corner but then we get back to that feral child thing and I don't need the neighbours calling Social Services on me.

So I'll leave you with some cuteness until I can get back to my uber long post. Thanks again for the birthday wishes and I'm so glad I started blogging.

nerd girl
I just took off my diaper and I came over to tell you mommy
Just try and make me wear clothes!


metro mama said...

We've missed you. Great pics.

sunshine scribe said...

My favourite was the nerd girl picture!!

I say you should stretch it into a birthday MONTH and then your friend won't be late when she finally remembers :) Its a win win for everyone involved.

Her Bad Mother said...

Nerd girl! We heart nerd girl!

kittenpie said...

I love how impish she looks in these! Totally fits with the super-nakkie-baby-cannot-be-contained thing.

Lisa said...

What a cutie!

I had to go back and make sure you were still in Canada when you said heat wave...I want Canadian heat! This summer is roasting our Texas butts!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh shoot! I missed your birthday? I'm so sorry! I hate being the one that has to send that "sorry I missed your birthday, I'm a loser" cards. I'm a loser.

Happy belated birthday!

btw, I had no idea your blog was becoming so risque. We almost saw a glimpse of baby butt. Shocking.