Friday, May 26


What a week it has been. I haven't made time to blog because I could barely see straight most days this week.

To start, I'd like to say that this week was a Phoenix - it died a slow death and then rose from the ashes baby. It then soared into that proverbial sky and... OK - enough of the cliche stuff*, this week started out REALLY BAD but ended on a good note (duh - as if you couldn't figure that one out). Anyway...

Bumper has a small sleep issue: she doesn't like to do it. She literally fights and thrashes before collapsing into slumber. I don't get it. I love to sleep (especially now that I don't get to do it anymore) and Bump Daddy has been known to enjoy his 40 winks. Well last Sunday night commenced a new sleep regression phase. I think Bumper has been trying to figure out this whole crawling phenomenon and she really is losing sleep over it.


She got up every 90 minutes. I thought I was going to go insane. Flashbacks of the early weeks came back. I cried. I bitched. I complained. I looked to the Baby Tylenol and asked myself if I was desperate enough to drug her (nope - not sure what that would take but this was close). This went on for the next three nights. I was delirious and so freakin' cranky that Bump Daddy was going to pay since I couldn't take it out on that cute baby.

Then lone behold Wednesday night: she slept from 10 to 3 and then 3:15 to 8. I was up before her.


Then it happened again last night. I think I won the sleep lottery. That said, I know I have cursed myself and from this night forward I will woken up by her every 90 minutes until she is 18.

Check out our angel sleeping in our bed. I could eat her up. I think my heart just burst.

* if anyone knows of a good book or site of dumb cliches please send me the title or link because I eat that sort of stuff up and I really wanted to make my "To start" paragraph a bit longer and worthy of eye-rolling but I hit the proverbial wall while trying to think something up (HA - I crack myself up).


Bri said...

I think Samantha haa found her sister!!!! Baby Tylenol doesn't not work all the time...very rarely for us!!!!
Right now my husband is attempting to put her to sleep while I sit here quietly and type

Motherhood Uncensored said...

every 90 minutes? Oy. I should stop complaining about the middle of the night "cookie and milk please, mama" - yeah, okay. Keep dreaming little one... :)

Jezer said...

Oh, we are living parallel lives! But the photo of Sleeping Bumper is beautiful.


OMG. That face. She looks like she is made out of porcelain.

Mother Bumper said...

Thank you for all your kind comments!

This is one of the pics that captures her beauty without a struggle (literally) involved. She is such a joy and a handful.

kittenpie said...

Oh, yes. The first long sleep. You think you must be going crazy or maybe the clock reset itself in the middle of the night or maybe the baby's not okay in there and OMG - is this what sleeping for more than 3 hours feels like?! It's gooood!