Sunday, April 30

weekend wrap-up

These are "our" morning doves. They are quite the couple, always together and they coo at 5am every morning (or at least in the mornings when I am in the nursing chair). I took this on one of Bumper's walks this weekend. We also see this beautiful cardinal once and a while but I have yet to capture it on film. It's so red that I always think it looks like a cartoon.

Well hell must of frozen over a little this weekend because Bumper fell asleep during her naptime without the aid of "boobie" (aka: me) and she napped for two hours without interruption and allowed the Bump parents to have an afternoon to ourselves. And we enjoyed it... but I won't gross you out with the details. That type of napping hasn't happened since she was younger then six weeks old and I never thought it was going to return.

I am one happy lady.

Bumper had received a FUBU outfit when she was born. I called it her JLo running suit but I guess she would wear JLo brand and not FUBU but I'm not exactly hip on what the kids are wearing these days. Though I do have a secret US weekly and People addiction but only because someone keeps leaving copies in the laundry room. I swear! Anyways, here is a sweet shot of my little lady getting ready to hit the streets in her new threads.*

let's get this show on the road, Momma

Wow, I just went to the kitchen to get a drink and Bump Daddy once again successfully got Bumper to nap without the aid of me. This is turning out to be one of the best weekends ever. Sweet!

* once again I'm at a loss as to what to call her hip clothing. I'm just a kid of the 80's. But whatever the right word is, I think she looks cool. But then, I'm her mom.


Her Bad Mother said...

She's cool. My opinion is objective.

But I'm thinking that one of these days we're going to have to do a dual post because for every pic of Bumper that you post, I've got a matching one of WonderBaby. If I didn't have the stitched-up nether regions to prove WB's provenance, I'd say that they were separated at birth.

bunmaster said...

Hey we have the same outfit! We say yo yo yo a lot when she wears it.